Doggy Daycare

Need a day to get things done, but don’t want your best friend home alone all day?
Bring your dog to The Dog and I, for daycare!

  • Doggy daycare is provided Monday through Friday, from 9am to 5pm.
  • Daycare rate is $20/day.
  • Closed Sundays and Holidays. Daycare is not offered on weekends.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Daycare dogs that are not picked up by 5 pm turn into overnight guests, and owners are billed appropriately for boarding.
  • Unless in emergency, we ask that hours of operation be respected as this is also our home.

We have a very busy dog show schedule, so please check with us well in advance for daycare availability.

Daycare dogs are welcome to play outside, weather permitting of course. They can join other dogs visiting us that they get along with, and that are size-appropriate. We encourage dogs to socialize and play together if they are happy doing so.

If a dog is shy, or owners do not wish their dog to socialize, we can provide them with private indoor/outdoor accommodations for the day.

Senior dogs are welcome to stay indoors for daycare if they wish, and are given regular trips outside to go potty.

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